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PARADOX is one of the world's TOP 10 brand alarm system. It has been widely use by customers over 100 countries since 1999.

One of the nice part for our Paradox Alarm System is that we have pre-configured solution packages for your convenient. Equipments & accessories can be upgraded individually / gradually to meet the customer future enhancement projects.

Solution packages are configured according to maximum alarm zone coverage, which is, required more keypad, sensor, detector and other accessories are added into the selected package as necessary.

Choosing the right security system can be a daunting task. With crime on the increase in many communities, keeping loved ones, possessions and property safe is a primary concern. But who can you count on to provide reliable security protection that is flexible enough to meet all your needs?

Turn to the expert. Paradox Canada designs and manufacturer products for people like you – people who require peace of mind along with the very best technology has to offer and still easily affordable.

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6 zones (max 32 zones) (max 32 zones) Spectra
9 zones (max 32 zones) Spectra

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